International Photographer Portfolios

As part of my webdesign class at RMIT, I have been doing a lot of gawking (and drooling) over a lot of different photographers websites for inspiration. Sometimes I like a website because it has absolutely amazeballs images. Here are three different international photographers, and the key things on their websites I admire.

All of these websites include links to different media platforms i.e facebook, twitter, and their blogs – ideally all of these features will be incorporated into my own website. I also found on my journey Marcel Christ – whose work I have fallen in love with.


Marcel Christ – Amsterdam & New York

I love how this website easily showcases the many works that Marcel has done, and it is easy to scroll past his work and get an idea for how many different companies he has worked for.

I also like how if you hover over an image, you can see how many other images are included in that particular set – so if you click on it, you can scroll through all the other images.

I do not like however the dropdown menu on the top left, it is the only thing that irks me on this site.


Charles Hildreth – California

I love how this website opens up with a large image (it also does help that I friggen LOVE that image too!) I like how the images are displayed larger on the screen. I would like to incorporate some sort of entry photo at large size on my own website.

With a bit of poking around, you can find smaller thumbnails that you can click directly to – so you can view in larger size.


Roman Gorchakov – Moscow & New York

I love how this website scrolls using a scroll bar at the bottom of the screen. This is something that I would love to use on my own website.

I also admire how his images are paired next to each other using diagonal and jagged lines on his fashion images – I don’t think I would incorporate this on my own website as none of my images flow together in such a large set – however it looks great with his images!


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