Beauty Shoot with Ella and Kat

On Saturday I did a shoot with Ella Wright from BGM Models, and Kat Davidson from Captive Beauty. 


This shoot was a good folio builder for all three of us. Kat needed some more photos for her folio showcasing her amazing bridal makeup, Ella needed some more beauty shots for her folio, and I wanted to challenge myself with shooting beauty. I love collaborating with people like this to get a common result!

I had always wanted to do a beauty shoot, but was a bit apprehensive as to how to approach it. I ended up using the Elinchrom Ranger Quadra, with a rotalux. The rotalux has an attachment on the inside that eliminates the hotspot in the center – very similar to the round part in the center part of a beauty dish.

I then put a shower cap on it, and positioned it to camera right, pointing down slightly at Ella. I then had a silver reflector underneath her to fill in any harsh shadows. 


I ended up getting some great shots! I am wondering why I was so apprehensive in the first place – it was a piece of cake and look forward to doing more beauty shoots.  I am editing them now and I will post a few when I am finished.

Till then, you will have to put up with behind the scenes shots – Thanks Kat for taking them!

Also, take a look at Kat and Ella’s pages!







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