Using Linkedin for Photography

Linkedin – it’s like the person who lives two houses down from you. You give them an awkward wave. You kind of know them by sight, but you really have no idea who they are on the inside. – This has been my very thoughts on Linkedin for a long time.

So it’s about time I introduce myself to Linkedin and get to know it a bit better.

What to use it for? Stalking down people you may want to work for, or need to hire. It’s like social media for workplaces. Everyone’s CV is on their profiles – so you can see where they came from and how they got to where they are today.

I have just linked my wordpress blog to Linkedin – so now when I post on my blog, they appear on my home page, shared with my connections. Check out my Linkedin HERE


Potential target audiences on Linkedin:

Creative Agencies
Creative Agencies are great – Similar to a modelling agency, they ‘sign’ you up, and you work through the agency as either a freelancer, or directly for the agency. They have people actively out there selling you to clients. Agencies tend to hold amazing photographers and it is my goal to work for an agency one day.
Here’s three agencies that had some great photographers, check it out: – Sydney, Australia – Surry Hills, Australia – East Sydney, Australia

Companies may not go directly to an agency for a photographer. They might not even know where to start! Currently I think I would approach a company in person or via a combination of email and a follow up phone call. However in the future, this may be a road I can take.

People in Human Resources – In particular, marketing
People in HR do a lot of hiring of skilled workers. Say they need a photographer – they can directly call an agency, or do a search on linkedin. I can potentially reach quite a few people in HR by using my already established connections in linkedin as a ‘mutual friend’ as facebook would put it.

Where to from here with Linkedin?
In this stage of my photographic career, I don’t think that Linkedin is going to provide any immediate opportunities. However, it is a great way to network with people in the industry, and it is never any harm to do so. There are great forums where you can hear about techniques, and also how others are running their businesses – which never hurts to know about.

And that’s the end of my take on Linkedin.



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