Releasing the Kraken

I like to go to bottle stores for a bit of inspiration.

No I am not a big drinker – it is the design on the bottles is what inspires me. There are so many types of the same kind of spirit, you really need to have something a bit different to stand out – which is why the Kraken Rum caught my eye.

The design of the bottle is just fantastic, and the artwork that goes along with it online is stunning. And it tastes pretty good to boot šŸ˜‰

So here is my photographic take on Kraken Rum from my original concept, shooting in studio and the finished product. I am definitely looking forward to doing more work like this!


A sketch of my original concept.


Yum yum octopus tentacles. I purchased 4 tentacles from a fish market for $30.


The tentacles were difficult to keep on the bottle as they were slippery.
We originally stuffed wire up the tentacle to help it hold some shape – but this didn’t work very well.


Photography and Editing: Michelle Tara Photography

Assistant / Octopus Wrangler: ValentinaĀ PerezĀ Loaiza


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